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School Nursing


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Central Valley Health Nurses provide the following services to the Jamestown Public Schools, and the Stutsman and Logan County Schools:

  • Individual Health Assessments to students and staff
  • Health Education at all levels of education
  • Health Screenings such as vision
  • Consultant on health concerns pertinent to the safety of the students and staff
  • Advocate in implementing health programs to promote the wellness of the students

The school nurse has scheduled visits on a regular basis to ensure consistency of these services.

Jamestown School Nursing Schedule

8:30-9:45Middle School701-252-0317
11:00-12:00High School701-952-4001 or 701-952-4003
8:30-9:45Middle School701-252-0317
11:00-12:00High School701-952-4001 or 701-952-4003
9:30-10:15Middle School 701-252-0317
8:30-9:45Middle School 701-252-0317
10:00-10:45Louis L’Amour701-251-2102
11:00-12:00High School701-952-4001 or 701-952-4003

If the school nurse is unable to be reached at the above schools, please call Central Valley Health at 701-252-8130.  The receptionist will be able to relay a message to the school nurse.


Immunizations Available Here!

Call 701-252-8130 for an appointment


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Growth and Development Education
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Girls Puberty Education Video

Head Lice
Guidelines for Treating Headlice
Household cleaning checklist for head lice
Head Lice: A Lousy Problem (PowerPoint Presentation)
Head Lice: A Lousy Problem (booklet including handouts)
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Sports Physicals
CVHD Sports Physical Worksheet
NDHSAA Sports Physical Forms

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