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Public Health Nursing


Nurse of the Day

Public health nurses are available to answer health related questions, provide screenings and referrals.
Call 701-252-8130 or stop in at the office.

Nursing Services

The following services are available during regular office hours (no appointment necessary unless indicated):
  • Health Assessments Such as:
    • Blood Pressure
    • Blood Sugar Screening
    • Hemoglobin Screening
    • Urinalysis Screening
    • Ear checks (infection, wax)
    • Ear Irrigations
  • TB (tuberculosis) Testing
  • Lipid profile (cholesterol) (by appointment)
  • Footcare clinics (by appointment only)
  • Home Visits
  • Health Maintenance Clinics at various community locations
  • Health Tracks (Logan County only)
  • Medication monitoring and setup
  • School Nursing Services
  • Therapeutic procedures by doctor's order (e.g. dressing changes, suture removal, catheter care, etc)


Children, Adolescents, and Adults
No appointment necessary
(call 252-8130 or stop in for more information)
Did you know...more than 25 diseases are preventable with vaccines?
Are you up to date?

Newborn Follow-Up

CVHD contacts all mothers who deliver at the Jamestown Regional Medical Center by phone and/or home visitation to offer health information and counseling for moms and newborns.

**Some fees for service are based on income and family size.



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