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About Us



To be the healthiest community to live, learn, work, and play.


Prevent, promote, protect for optimal community health.


Core Values

  • Collaboration – Working with other facilities and services in the community to promote optimal community health.
  • Respect – Embrace the dignity and diversity of individuals, groups, and communities.
  • Science – Support and promote evidence-based practices.
  • Teamwork – Working together to share purpose and common goal.
  • Excellence – Achieve the highest quality in what we do.
  • Innovation – Integrating new ideas and technology into practical processes to improve our effectiveness.
  • Prevention – Using knowledge to prevent disease and injury and make smart decisions to stay healthy.


Strategic Priorities

  • Increase awareness of values of public health in our community.
  • Develop and implement strategies to obtain sustainable, adequate public health.
  • Ensure optimal competent workforce to fulfill our mission.
  • Focus public health practice to address the determinants of health.
  • Practice collaborative/integrative leadership.
  • Commit to continuous quality improvement.
  • Enhance our ability to respond to emerging health issues.



This website will keep you informed of services available, health alerts, and contact information. In the event of a public health threat or emergency, this website will be utilized as one of the tools to provide you with the most up-to-date information available.


Because we value your thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments on how we can best serve you.


Employee Information Environmental Health Policies
501 Case Preparation
502 West Nile Surveillance
503 Environmental Health Complaints
504a New Body Art Facility
504 Body Art Facility Sterilizer
505 Hazardous Material Incidents
506 Indoor Air Quality
507 Inspecting Body Art Facilities
508a Permitting On-site Sewage Treatment Systems
508b Inspecting On-site Sewage Treatment Systems
508c Variance Process for On-site Sewage Treatment Systems
508d New On-Site Sewage Treatment System Installers
508e Licensure of On-Site Sewage Treatment System Installers
508f Non-complaint On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems and Installers
509 Foodborne Illness Complaints
510 Sample Transport Requirements
511 Water Sampling
512 Inspecting School Facilities
513a New Aquatic Facility
513b Inspecting Aquatic Facilities
513c Aquatic Samples
514a New Tanning Facilities
514b New Tanning Facility
516a New Food Service Facility
516b Inspecting Food Service Facilities
517 Open Records Process
518a Licensure of Facilities
518b Re-inspection of Facilities
518c Non-compliant Facilities
519 Inspecting Childcare Facilities
520 Inspecting Group Home Facilities
521 Social Services Inspections
522 Inspecting Non-Community Water Supply Systems
Nursing Policies
399 Abbreviation List
399a Approved Chating Abbreviations
403 Blood Pressures
403a Blood Pressure Guidelines
404 Blood Sugars
405 Charting
406 Client Records
407 Client Services
408 County Health Maintenance Clinics
409 Disposal of Prescription Drugs
410 Ear Irrigation
411 Ear Check
412 Enema Elimination
413 Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids
414 Foot Care Services
416 Heights and Weights
417 Hemoglobin
418 Home Visit
419 Immunization Policy
420 Infection Control
421 Lipid Profile Screening
422 Medication Setup
423 Pulse Oximeter
424 Prescribed Injections
425 Quality Assurance
426 Pediculosis Headlice
427 Reordering of Medications
428 Temperature Monitoring
429 Title III Clinics
431 Transportation of Clients
432 Urinalysis Screening
433 Vaccine Storage
434 Mantoux Testing
435 TB Treatment
435a Nurses INH Initation Checklist
436 Lead Screening
438 Emergency Relocation Vaccine
439 Influenza Vaccinations
440 Protime INR Monitoring
440a Coumadin Letter
440b Coumadin Therapy SO
440c INR Protime Results Form
441 Medical Emergencies
443 Blood Draws
444 Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect
445 Mandatory Reporting of Vulnerable Adults
Privacy Practices School Nursing Policies